Centrepiece of Our Community

The Mill Pond was created in the 1840’s when the first saw mill was built. For the next 50 years the pond continued to provide power for a flour and grist mill. In about 1900 steam power replaced water power and over the next number of years the Mill Pond became the centre of recreational and social activities in Wellesley. The Pond has experienced significant sediment accumulation over the years. Records show that twice the Pond has been dredged. In 1955 the area near the dam was excavated. In 1988 the south pond was completely excavated and the material was used to extend green space along the shoreline. These days the Pond continues to be a centrepiece of the village with activities like the annual fishing derby, model boat races and walking on the Mill Pond Trail.

South Pond Circa 1904.png


The overall health of the Pond is being affected by a number of factors that are becoming more evident, especially during the hot summer months. Many residents have raised concerns about degraded water quality, increasing sediment accumulation and increasing negative impacts of invasive carp and the resident geese population.
The Pond has a relatively large surface area, is shallow due to sediment build up and has low flow rates, all of which contribute to high water temperatures, low dissolved oxygen and algae growth.  Without some TLC these issues will get worse and further degrade the health and beauty of the Pond.



Sustainable Solutions

What can we do to restore the Pond? We can work collaboratively as a community with the Grand River Conservation Authority to develop options that improve water quality, aquatic biodiversity, shoreline habitats and the improved health of the Pond. Wellesley Friends of the Pond has a working plan that includes these options and maintains capacity and access for all existing community activities and functions.

Check the Resources Section to see detailed plans and descriptions about the project. 

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